1. U

    Sold Icon Watch Titanium Blue Face

    Have a nice Icon Blue Face watch serial # 001647 . Minor damage to face at 12 hr mark can feel it barely with tip of fingernail. minor hard to see scuffs towards 3 O’clock band has some normal wear and tear from usage nothing you can feel if you run your hand over them. Does not come with...
  2. mustangjt

    Time Bomb 1 Watch Band Pins and Disassembly

    I picked up a couple TB1’s that needed a thorough cleaning to remove gunk/funk/DNA. The main band to Case pins were bowed so I knew I would need new pins. I figured I might as well replace all the pins. This was the first time I’ve had to replace pins because I was never a watch guy until...
  3. U

    Buying Roached TB1

    I am looking for a Timebomb or timebombs that are roached out. I would prefer it to be working but that’s not a requirement. I would also like to have the crystal intact and not cracked, surface scratches are fine as long as you can still make out the face. I have a project I am wanting to...
  4. U

    Sold Timebomb

    For sale a "Cannon yellow" Ti Timebomb1. It is in immaculate condition. Never used but displayed. Links, glass, sight glass, clasp and finish is mint. It is a second generation as it has the double clasp with the "O". Comes with a black box only. Asking $750, shipped, insured and signature...
  5. U

    For Sale TimeBomb 1 Replacement Wrist Pads

    Hey everyone, Let me introduce myself. I have been a member here awhile but haven't been around in the last few years, sorry! You may remember me as the guy who did most of the custom lens laser etching. (I may start that up again). Anyways, I recently starting building my collection back up and...
  6. U

    Trading or sale tb1 links

    i have a few extra tb1 links. 4 polished, 3 Xm original. Fserial links sold... Will trade for other small Oakley items or sale for $20 each Will not ship out of the country unless you pay for shipping. US shipping included in price. Pm me questions and offers.
  7. Pospaintballer

    What would you do tb1

    i picked up this tb1 yellow face ion plated that looked in pretty good condition online but here's what I got. Faded band scratched to hell. Scratched crystal but most concerning is the silver on the time hands is either corroded or just flaked off. Is there any way to repair this as I would...
  8. U

    Buying Red face tb1

    looking for good condition red face tb1 Carbon face Emerald Reasonable prices depending on condition I would rather purchase here than eBay
  9. U

    Buying Time vault

    looking for tb1 vault.
  10. U

    Trading 12gauge stealth for XMetals

    looking to trade my 12 gauge stealth for some xmetals. The watch has new battery about 2 months old. Crystal is good there is a little scratch on the metal under the 6pm. Shown in pic also the clasp has some silver showing through. The band has been cut to fit medium/small wrist, the box is good...