1. J

    Prizm Black Polarized with different colored lenses?

    I bought a pair of Drop Points and Targetlines both with Prizm Black Polarized lenses. The Drop Points have a red pink tint which I don’t care for and the Targetlines are neutral gray. Why is this? Do Drop Points come in a neutral gray tint?
  2. S

    does iridium coating affects the base color

    My fire iridium and prizm golf started peeling at the centre of the lens.. I want to know whether the iridium coating affects the base tint or not... because if somehow all of iridium has gone but base color remains the same.then i can use it. because i really love the lens shape.. Also one of...
  3. Seismic

    Recommendation on lens tint needed

    I do a lot of running and have recently moved to the Middle East. I run a lot in the desert and in the sand on the beaches. Today, we had very bright sun shine and running on the beach I realised that the Radars with Black Iridium lenses (which I have used with success in other countries) were...
  4. kronin323

    Can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance?

    As us Oakley lovers know, Oakley offers a wide range of lenses with different base tints, light trans %s, and iridium colors for any situation. I wouldn't describe it as a "hot topic", but every now and then the same debate sparks up - can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance...
  5. M

    The Oakley Lens Tint Guide

    Ultimate lens tint guide