1. HawgJ

    Sold Romeo 1 X Metal Complete w/ Extras

    Selling complete set Romeo 1 X Metal w/Black Iridium lenses. My very first purchase here on the forum from a great OF brother. Sadly I must part with them so another member can enjoy. Included in the deal are the Romeo’s mounted with Ruby Iridium lenses straight from the Cutman Chris A...
  2. HardcoreX

    For Sale Oakley Juliet X Metal Titanium

    In nice condition. It's a Warranty Frame. New Nosebridge and original nosepads. 250$
  3. Jheyvip

    For Sale Oakley microfiber bag

    1 Bag $7.99 2 Bags $14.98 3 Bags $20.99 Plus shipping Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches
  4. Mike.vanderkoon

    Multiple X-Squared on Ebay...Suspicious

    I noticed one of the sellers (liqde_0 ) on Ebay is selling multiple "new" X-squares as buy now. Currently 3 available and looking at their past reviews, which are positive and also indicate they have sold several pairs in the past . He is listing them as new without any lenses and box which...
  5. Mike.vanderkoon

    Real or Fake Lenses

    Hello All - It's been so many years since I have bought new x-metal lenses I do not remember if they had stickers on them. The images below are supposedly new juliet ruby lenses which have never been used. But I do not recall lenses having a sticker when I had purchase them in the past. Are...
  6. kitcostantino

    Sold XM XS Beater $275 OBO Shipped Con US

    Okay. I have kind of struggled with what i want to do with this pair. Its an XS XM with Ruby non polar. the sku on the arm is the correct one for the lenses and finish. Lenses are worn and finish is in good shape. Its a nice looking pair at first glance, but I am honest abe when selling...
  7. Maveryq13

    Aftermarket Screws

    Forgive me if this has been posted.. Deja Entendu.. Is there a legit site for aftermarket T-6 screws for our X-Metals? I would rather buy a bulk of ___ screws instead of 2 from Linegear for $8. Thank you, Asking for Romeo [1], Juliet, and XX.
  8. Tejada

    For Sale Triangular Display Stand (Custom)

    Triangular Display Stand (Custom) Please, if you are interested or want additional photos send me a message and I will gladly answer as soon as possible. (The last photo was taken from the Internet and published as a sample) Price $ 285 Shipping included to USA Pay by Paypal
  9. hikaru89

    For Sale Oakley Crosshair 1.0 with brown gradient

    Oakley Crosshair 1.0 with brown gradient for sale See pics for details Asking $80 plus S&H
  10. HawgJ

    Found Romeo II X Metal

    Wanting to purchase a Romeo II pair, preferably X Metal, all original clean finish...not really looking for special collectors or custom frames...box, coin and case not a must...just looking to wear right out of the bag. Please PM me (pics too:cool-20:) if y'all have one to drop. Thanks All.
  11. CrazyALee

    Buying X squared: in xmetal frame/various lens, good to mint condition

    Hello, I am looking to buy an x squared in the x metal frame color, and various lens colors acceptable (but mostly prefer black iridum or ruby). Please let me know what you guys have and your prices. Should be in good/decent condition. Thank you!
  12. Tejada

    Sold Small Cube X metal $260

    Small Cube X metal cube is totally new with some flaws. Price $ 260 Free shipping to the United States. Pay by paypal.
  13. CrazyALee

    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  14. Tripax

    For Sale XS Lense set of 3

    3 sets of X square lenses for sale. all Original OEM lenses with box. 1. Ruby lens. Right lens in good condition but left lens is scratched. Please see pics. 2. Black iridium lens. One nick on left lens. As pictured. (no box) 3. Black Iridium lens. no scratches or nicks from what I can see...
  15. M

    For Sale Oakley X-Metals: X-squared, Penny, Half-X

    Oakley X-squared, Penny and Half-X for sale. Payment PayPal G&S. Shipping to CONUS included. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks X-squared - Carbon Frame / 00 BIP lenses - lenses, frame, rubbers, and nose bridge are in great shape. Includes box, coin, paperwork, microfiber...
  16. K

    For Sale Single wide display case cabinet Chicago

    For sale is a single wide display case in excellent condition. Minor scratches on plexiglass that should buff out. Comes with key, shelves and four sliding drawers. The aluminum is in excellent shape. No dents. Asking $400. Case is located in Addison Illinois. Local pickup only. No shipping due...
  17. SpliceD

    Shelf Whore Club Members

    Original Thread: Too Many NOT TO Shelf Whore Club Members.... Since @BAPD77 isn't as active and the list needed updating since 2015, I thought I'd take on the reins and try my best to keep this updated. In an effort to keep this fair and updated, I will be continuing the original list Please...
  18. O

    Sold X-Metal clear out!

    Hi guys, With an upcoming house move and a focus elsewhere time to continue clearing out the storage bins of all the Oakley stuff I accumulated over many years at the big O. Basic info: no boxes, all in micro bags of some sort or another, all ex display as I would call them with excellent...
  19. Millertime2598

    Sold 1st Generation Juliet (J######) - X-Metal with Black Iridium

    Picked these up locally, but honestly I just don't wear metals anymore. Hoping someone else can get better use out of them. Frame is still tight; left arm sits a little higher. Left lens has small scratch on bottom; not visible when wearing. Please let me know if you have any other questions...
  20. R

    Sold Juliet Carbon w extra lens options

    Up for sale is a perfect unused pair of Juliet Carbon with black Iridium Polarized Lens. Comes with new sleeve. Also have new never used lens options: - Ice Iridium - Tungsten Iridium Polarized - VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Comes with extra nose pads and black Oakley microfiber pouch. Frame...
  21. Oakster

    For Sale Big Taco Lenses Ice Polar

    SOLD!!! $105 USD shipped. I have 2 sets... if someone wants both, $200 USD total. New in box - only taken out for pictures. Tough to find and desirable as they can be custom cut for X Metal.
  22. weshardeniv

    Hello all!

    Long time lurker, first time poster from the Northern Virginia area! Like all of you I have an obsession with Oakley's, that started when I was a kid and strong armed my parents into my first pair of Eye Jackets in the mid 90's. Since that time I have probably owned over 20 pairs (if not...
  23. Jheyvip

    For Sale 5 pairs of Flex Couplers Oakley X Metal Juliet XX X-Squared Mars Penny R2

    $32.00 plus shipping 5 pairs of flex couples replacement nose bridge juliet I have many oakley x squared, penny, mars,R1 glasses and I have adapted these pieces for xsquared, penny , mars r1 successfully. If you want to adapt at your own risk, you may file down the edges os the nose bridge...
  24. Rotorhead

    Sold X Metal Soft Vault New

    For sale is one X Metal Soft Vault. New, never used. Perfect condition and extra large (the largest I have seen). Price is $55 delivered US. Thanks for looking!
  25. Stanley_O

    Trading (EU only) I have two mars for trade - looking for R1 Plasma or Penny Copper with machting box

    Hi guys; I have two mars frames in my collection which I am looking to trade for all OEM R1 Plasma Fire or Penny Copper with box as I am still missing those. I would take two penny frame with box in trade also (only the hinges have to be OK, nosebridge tuneup would be no problem)... The Mars...
  26. Damascusdude

    What in the Holy Shnikies is happening to me ?

    So this happened recently ... I think I’ve stepped across into the beginning of the Promise Land ...
  27. B

    X metal romeos original and original coins sell sell

    Hey guys my here to raise money for my grandma my grandpa just passed and he worked for Oakley for 25 yrs and these where my first pair from grandpa got the Joliets to just not here now but if someone could tell me how to go about selling them prices and all I would greatly appreciate it thanks guys
  28. Jmgarcia

    Sold XM Half-X $150

    for a quick sale i have a X metal finish half x with OEM fire lenses. Frame and lenses have minor marks (see pictures). Hines are still snappy, rubbers are used but have plenty of life in them. One disclaimer is the left arm does not fully open on its own and stops right before its natural...
  29. Sir Rossi

    Sold Romeo 2 Carbon/BI

    OFFERS APPRECIATED Howdy all, long time no see! I really hate to say it, but it's time to let these beauties go. I need to pay for spring break, and I haven't been upholding my end of being a part of the "No Shelf Whore" club with them. Worn probably ten or so times since I got em (only...
  30. Atticus

    Traded XS Carbon with Box and Ruby Prizm lenses

    Picked this package up recently and found I’m wearing my XX more, so going to let them go instead of sit around. Frames are in nice shape and are tight. A couple small marks on the top of frame that I captured in pics. Can’t find any issues with Ruby lenses, but they have been worn. Includes...