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  1. N

    How do I get authentic replacement mirror lenses for my X-metal? They look ok but lens are cracked, I think they were over tightened from the factory

    I need replacement lens’s for my x metal is there a place I can get genuine replacements?
  2. U

    Sold Polished Penny with Box and Coin

    Well, it's come time to part with items I just don't wear and honestly never see myself wearing. Selling my Polished with Black Iridium Penny. This is a non-serialized pair. Comes with original box and coin. Lenses do have marks on them; tried my best to capture in the pictures. Frame is...
  3. U

    Sold Juliet Polished with Emerald

    Up for sale is a pair of Juliets with polished frame and emerald lens. These were purchased through the custom program around 2006-07 so the frame has no serial. Both frame and lens are in great shape. I could not find any marks on the lens. Comes with Oakley Custom box and microfiber bag...
  4. U

    Sold Leather/Jordan Mars

    Guess we all reach a time in our collecting where we look at stuff we don't wear and decide it's time to move it along. My time has come on these. Selling my Leather Mars. Glasses are in excellent condition! They've honestly just been sitting in my case or in the box for the last 10+ years...
  5. S

    Need Help Identifying What Model Oakley Sunglasses Thread

    This thread will serve as the consolidated thread for identifying what Oakley Sunglasses you may have. I've had a few pairs of oakleys in the past. X_metals which I loved but sold as they looked great in the box but terrible on my face, some frameless ones (why 2.0s I think??) and my all time...
  6. U

    Sold X Squared - Polished Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized

    Selling pairs that I honestly just don't wear. These things might as well be brand new; think I worn them on one occasion and that is it. Everything is like the first time they came out of the box. Will come with everything shown. Looking for $600 shipped or I would trade for MUZM Eye...
  7. K

    Perfect donor lense for custom cut R2 and XX

    Ciao guys, I need help to find out which lense is the perfect to donor for my XX and R2. Is there any lense which have close or the same curve like the original one?
  8. David661

    Question about which x metal glasses to spruce

    Hey guys am wanting to know which of the x metal collection would have the largest width and height of the lenses, traditional I have always tried to source oakleys that have larger lenses because of my face type and because they offer the best protection. Does anyone have a size chart?
  9. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed Keychains

    Up for sale are some KEY RINGS. You are purchasing just the key ring, but each one comes with a free custom key chain attached I have 40+ colors available to choose from $6 each+shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and...
  10. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed X-Metal Glorifier

    Up for sale is a custom 3D printed X-Metal Glorifier with coin display (printed to order). I have 40+ colors available to choose from $40 each + shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and the shipping exceeds $5, you’ll just pay the...
  11. U

    Sold X-metal package (Romeo 1 with serial, Juliet with serial)

    Hey guys, Selling a little X-metal package. Not looking to split up unless it all goes. I have a Romeo 1 with positive red custom lenses. They aren’t in great shape but still useable. It is serialized and has a coin and bag but no box. Serial: 044094 Also included is a Juliet in X-metal also...
  12. U

    Trading X Metal Xx 24k for Xeus!

    Hi, I’m looking for a reasonable trade or price on Xeus. I’m willing to trade my X metal XX 24k. Frames are 9/10 (some wear on earstems), vault is 8/10 (foam is perfect but some discoloration on the metal) original lenses missing. Anyone interested?
  13. Jim the Rebel

    XX X Metal, 3 piece box

    Ended up grabbing this beauty today. Wasn’t able to get the Xeus pair and figured I’d go check this one out ($440). The entire frame is mint, lenses only have a pin point or two. Extra rubber is untouched, the guy only wore the pair for two weeks and kept it in the closet since then.
  14. weshardeniv

    My Growing X-Metal Collection

    Decided to house my X-Metals in an Oakley Strongbox, that I put a Stark Industries name plate on.
  15. U

    For Sale X-metal RAW #70/150

    For sale is a new in box, perfect X-Raw that has never been worn. All boxes, stickers, and sleeves are included. I also still have the original purchase receipt. I’ve been downsizing my collection and I’m ready for these to go to a new home. eBay prices seem all over the place. $1700 obo
  16. U

    Sold XX w/ Sapphire lenses, Boxes, coin

    X Metal XX with Sapphire Polarized lenses. Matching sku box. Newer Ali foam. Some shiny spots on the frame shown in pics. Not perfect but far from a beater. No issues with lenses. All rubber in excellent condition. Does not need a tune up. $500 shipped USPS, CONUS, PayPal G&S. Pm me with...
  17. P

    New to X metal, but remember being obsessed with them in the 90s

    Hi All, I randomly stumbled across some Oakley Juliet's online and it reminded me of the late 90s... I used to be obsessed with the X metal series as a 10 year old kid - but I obviously had absolutely no money to my name to purchase them. That obsession is now back, with an extra dose of...
  18. O

    Is this stuff true?

    This is a really cool article about Jordan, I didn't know he was so closely affiliated with the brand. Sorry if this is common Oakley knowledge, it's new to me. https://www.saudadesports.com/blogsinglecolumnjc/mike-and-oakley
  19. U

    Sold Even more x metals

    1. X metal Juliet with custom cut ice lenses (new but with mounting marks). $275 sold!!!!! 2. Ti02 Juliet with pos red/00 red iridium(unsure to be honest) LG rubbers $ 285 SOLD!!!!! Prices are not firm so PM with offers. Shipping is free with the US with tracking and insurance. Pm with questions.
  20. U

    Sold More x metals

    1. polished Juliet (serialized) with green LG rubbers and custom cut emerald lenses(Not worn). $320 SOLD!!! 2. Polished penny with DWP custom cuts (not worn). $315 SOLD!!!! Take both for a discount. Free shipping with tracking with the US. PM with any questions.
  21. U

    Sold Trick ‘O Treat sale

    X metal XX in Ti02 finish with OEM Jade lenses. $405 shipped and insured within the US. PM with questions or if you wish to see more detailed pictures.
  22. Dancad88

    After marked rubber kits

    Who is the best after market kit supplier? I’m looking at replacing my black set with something with a bit of colour currently got my eye on linegear japan. What is everyone’s recommendations?
  23. U

    Sold Romeo 1 X Metal Complete w/ Extras

    Selling complete set Romeo 1 X Metal w/Black Iridium lenses. My very first purchase here on the forum from a great OF brother. Sadly I must part with them so another member can enjoy. Included in the deal are the Romeo’s mounted with Ruby Iridium lenses straight from the Cutman Chris A...
  24. U

    For Sale Oakley Juliet X Metal Titanium

    In nice condition. It's a Warranty Frame. New Nosebridge and original nosepads. 250$
  25. U

    For Sale Oakley microfiber bag

    1 Bag $7.99 2 Bags $14.98 3 Bags $20.99 Plus shipping Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches
  26. Mike.vanderkoon

    Multiple X-Squared on Ebay...Suspicious

    I noticed one of the sellers (liqde_0 ) on Ebay is selling multiple "new" X-squares as buy now. Currently 3 available and looking at their past reviews, which are positive and also indicate they have sold several pairs in the past . He is listing them as new without any lenses and box which...
  27. Mike.vanderkoon

    Real or Fake Lenses

    Hello All - It's been so many years since I have bought new x-metal lenses I do not remember if they had stickers on them. The images below are supposedly new juliet ruby lenses which have never been used. But I do not recall lenses having a sticker when I had purchase them in the past. Are...
  28. U

    Sold XM XS Beater $275 OBO Shipped Con US

    Okay. I have kind of struggled with what i want to do with this pair. Its an XS XM with Ruby non polar. the sku on the arm is the correct one for the lenses and finish. Lenses are worn and finish is in good shape. Its a nice looking pair at first glance, but I am honest abe when selling...
  29. Maveryq13

    Aftermarket Screws

    Forgive me if this has been posted.. Deja Entendu.. Is there a legit site for aftermarket T-6 screws for our X-Metals? I would rather buy a bulk of ___ screws instead of 2 from Linegear for $8. Thank you, Asking for Romeo [1], Juliet, and XX.
  30. U

    Sold Triangular Display Stand (Custom)

    Triangular Display Stand (Custom) Please, if you are interested or want additional photos send me a message and I will gladly answer as soon as possible. (The last photo was taken from the Internet and published as a sample) Price $ 285 Shipping included to USA Pay by Paypal