x-metal xx

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    Sold  XX Ice Iridium lenses

    Hello OF I have these beautiful XX Ice Iridium lenses for sale 8.75BC Perfect to replace your XX Plasma lenses or in a Polished frame 2 sets available $95 shipped CONUS
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    Sold  X-Metal XX with Ruby lenses price lowered

    X-Metal XX with Ruby lense, amazing conditions. Lenses are new but the left lens has a scratch at the bottom, look at the picture, nothing that will affect the vision. $625 F&F or +5% Free priority mail shipping to the US & US Territories, fully insured.
  3. Wolfhammer

    I want to sell my Gen 1 Oakley X-Metal XX 24K Gold w/ Gold Iridium .

    I want to sell my Gen1 Oakley X-Metal XX 24K Gold w/ Gold Iridium with box . But have no idea what to sell them for . I’m seeing prices from $800-2000 Any help is appreciated.
  4. U

    Sold  XX lenses - DWP

    Up for grabs is a set of XX Prizm Deep Water Polarized (DWP) lenses that were custom cut by the folks at Linegear. Purchased not long ago from Mr. S Wayne. Mounted once, worn twice, and deciding to move on from this set. Excellent condition, but have been mounted. No signs of wear. Cut from 8...
  5. U

    Found  X-Metal XX 24K Box

    Hello OF As the title says I'm looking for a box and coin for a X-Metal XX 24K 3rd Generation.. usually suffix ends with "B" otherwise any other Gen will do. Thanks
  6. SolarOracle

    X-Metal XX 04-144

    Added another one to my collection! These are getting hard to find in this condition
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    Sold  X-Metal XX 24K OEM Lenses

    NIB X-Metal XX Replacement Lense Kit 24K Iridium SKU 16-821 Perfect to keep your X-Metal XX 24k glasses in original condition $150 Shipped CONUS per Set
  8. U

    Sold  XX Lenses

    I have these 2 sets for X-Metal XX in new condition but I will rate them 9.5/ 10 to be safe 24K $95 Violet Iridium Non Polarized $80 Prizm Deep Water Polarized $OLD They look amazing in a Plasma Frame Shipping CONUS is an extra $5
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    Sold  X-Metal XX 24k Lenses

    I have this extra 24K set for sale for X-Metal XX NIB cut from Straightlink $90 Shipped CONUS
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    Sold  Polished X-Metal XX w / Ice

    Mirror Polished XX From XM with Serial retained Mint all around and tight! Oem Ice lenses with purple hues from Flak Comes with white LG rubber set and soft pouch $575 Shipped CONUS X
  11. U

    Sold  XX TIO2 2nd Gen

    Stunning 2nd gen XX TIO2.. with shiny plasma orbitals as per later gen Serial: XTO48245A Near Mint condition, bridge is tight Violet lenses cut from SL in excellent condition New orbital gaskets (from Zach). screws are all good as are rubbers OEM Comes with an IH Micro bag + Extra set of...
  12. SolarOracle

    Polished X-Metal XX w / Ice

    Mirror Polished XX from XM with SN retained Super clean and tight, all it needed was Ice lenses with deep purple hues (not the boring Ice..) This set is similar to Blue Ichiro with a white LG rubber set.
  13. U

    Sold  X-Metal lenses 8.75 BC

    Hello OF I have some X-Metal lenses for sale all brand new unless specified Don't hesitate if you need more pics All lenses are 8.75 BC Romeo Positive Red $OLD Romeo Prizm Field $OLD (mounted once) XX Prizm Field $OLD XX Chrome $OLD XX Violet $OLD XX Prizm Sapphire Polarized $OLD XX Ruby...
  14. U

    Sold  Romeo and XX Lenses

    Hello OF I have 7 sets of lenses I'm looking to get rid off All lenses are 8.75 BC Romeo Positive Red 9.8/10 = $OLD Prizm Black Polarized w/ Etching = $OLD Prizm Maritime Polarized w/ Etching= $OLD X-Metal XX Ice Iridium = $OLD Black Iridium = $OLD Positive Red = $OLD Prizm Black...
  15. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX HI Persimmon lenses

    X-Metal XX HI Persimmon cut from Flak XLJ in new condition 8.75 BC HI Persimmon is basically a higher contrast, lower glare version of persimmon. It's a great low light lens with 59% light transmission Comes with Oakley lens soft pouch as pictured SOLD shipped CONUS
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    Buying  X-Metal XX Nose Bombs

    Looking to get some OEM replacement nose bombs for my XX preferably in good condition. I also have some Ichiro rubbers to trade Thanks J
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    Sold  X-Metal XX 24K

    Selling this mint X-Metal XX 24K with original 24K lenses and shiny plasma orbitals (Last gen) Rubbers in excellent condition Coupler has normal play from factory Mostly a display pair Comes with Microfiber bag $475 Shipped CONUS
  18. U

    Sold  XX Ice Iridium CC lenses

    Up for sale today is a set of OEM Custom cut Ice lenses for X-Metal XX Left lens has a small hairline abrasion from cutting 9.5/10 Right lens is 10/10 Mounted for accurate fitment as pictured 8.75 BC Will come with black Lens pouch Asking SOLD Shipped CONUS
  19. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX Ice Iridium lenses NIB

    Hello OF I have a new set of XX Ice custom cut Lenses They come with lens soft pouch as pictured Asking $110 shipped CONUS
  20. R

    First Gen 24k XX question

    Hello everyone, I just found this forum and seems like you would be the folks to ask. I have a pair of 24K X-Metal XX that I need lenses, nose and socks. I originally purchased with prescription gold Iridium and have since had my eyes corrected. Couldn't bring myself to part ways with the...
  21. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX frame, X-Metal color

    Hello and thanks for stopping by here. I'm selling a nice and clean X-Metal XX frame in X-Metal color; rubbers are new, nosebridge in good condition; no serial number in this frame; original Oakley RX lenses installed here, nice to have but you surely have to change them; comes as is, nothing...
  22. N

    Recent OfferUp score !!

    I really appreciate the gentleman who sold me these beautiful XX X-Metals!!!
  23. U

    For Sale  or Trade XM XX Violet Iridium Custom Cut

    Up for sale or trade are these beautiful Violet Iridium lenses for X-metal XX. Mounted once and hardly worn. Hand cut by a local from Straightlink donors. No fitment issues in my first gen XX frame, however one lens does fit tighter than the other. Lenses have slight marks from being mounted...
  24. L5072

    XX trashed to this

    Since @X-Metal Beast posted the before pics of my XX's with his post, have to post follow up pics as well. Here is the finished work compliments of @THE X-MAN. Lenses are custom cuts from @Chris A Hardaway. Large nose bombs thanks to @stevepc74
  25. U

    For Sale  X-METAL XX

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    Sold  .

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    Buying  Looking to buy beater XX frame

    Colorway isn't important and neither are lenses. I don't care about the box or coin either. I'm building a custom XX IH and have the rubbers and lenses for it already. As long as there's no actual damage I'm interested. I also have a pair of like new Carbon Black Iridium Juliets available for...
  28. U

    For Sale  X-Metal XX, black iridium + extras

    For sale, great condition X-Metal/black iridium XX with a few extras. The only flaw with these glasses is one stem needs new washers (loose), not included. The nose bridge is tight, not x-man tight but probably factory new tight or maybe slightly looser. What's included: X-metal XX, no...
  29. D

    deep cleaning hard yellow residue on neglected x-metals

    I have two pairs of X-metal XX Ti02. And when I wore them in the early 2000's I didn't clean the rubber or frames. Now I have the very sticky residue on the rubbers which I will try the wash and boil method. But my question is the frame. All that oil and sunscreen under the rubbers leaked...
  30. D

    New member. Asian-American living in Bangkok

    Hi Everyone, It's nice to meet you all. I have to say its nice to see a fan forum that is so supportive of each other's addiction. My first Oakleys were Mframes bought in the 90's from Costco where they sold them below retail by repackaging them and not including the original box. It didn't...