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2012 Oakley Apparel Catalogues


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Here are some of Oakley's 2012 Apparel Catalogues that they send to dealers.These are the 2012 Golf Catalog and 2012 Accessories Catalogue. Below are a few of preview pages, but you can download the complete pdf's in the links below, had to use MegaUpload because some are as big as 100mb. Enjoy:

2012 Golf Catalogue:
Download Link: Oakley 2012 Golf Catalog Download



2012 Accessories Catalogue:
Download Link: Oakley 2012 Accessories Catalog Download


2012 Accessories Catalogue Part 2
Download Link: 2012 Accessories Catalogue Part 2

Ok Just added Part 2, sorry about that, forgot to upload it. Enjoy.
Thanks OakleyBoss
so many cool backpacks. can´t wait to see those SHORT CIRCUIT PACK and the WATERMAN PACK!
pretty cool that they made DUFFLE BAGS again i´m not a huge fan of the ROLLLER. . .
Anyone know when we will start to see this stuff in store?? Will have to get the small icon backpack to got with the icon 3.0 i have.
I read somewhere that Oakley will not be making a mountainbike collection for 2012 (except for a few gloves and belts). Can anyone confirm this? I believe I saw Brian Lopes sporting a new jersey which keeps my hope alive. It could be a prototype ofcourse but it looked like the same pattern as some of the gloves and caps.

I have not seen any 2012 mtb apparel catalogues yet unfortunately.
i got the same informations in a store!
to bad . . .
i've just started buying things from older and the actually collection.
in this way i will not run out of anything :eek:))
Me to - if you find some good deals let me know. I really love the styling of the mtb jerseys and shorts. It is not totally motocross-style like Fox and Troy Lee Designs....and that appeals to me.

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