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Any Blade Collectors?


Oakley Expert
California, USA
Any of you guys vintage experts?

I got my hands on a bunch of various blades and parts. Here is one that I am interested in finding out about. The frame and lens were perfect and looked brand new, however I could not find this color combo in any online catalogue. It appears to be a neon frame with what I think is a +red lens. I am thinking one of the other lenses that I have is the original and they were swapped somewhere along the way. I have a violet, clear, grey and black. Anyone know how to read this SKU tag? I am assuming that it is the violet iridium but just want to make sure before attempting a lens swap on a 20+ year old glass. It came with a neon neck string and silver grayish bag as accessories if that helps.


check with o-review, the original frame with the neon yellow was called violet mirror
What color are your arms, black? If so those might be the 2010 re-release Collector Blades because they featured a Fire Iridium lens if im not mistaken...
there isnt an sku on the lable on the box you have picked.
the sku has 5 numbers.
the original neon yellow frame was released with violet mirror lense, with an sku of 03-### (unsure of last 3 numbers).
from what i can see from your pic it is a +red lense (razor blade lense not the larger blade lense or the smaller slit lense).
be careful swopping the lense as the older frames are brittle and they can break in the middle or you can snap the corners of the lense off removing the lense.

to be honest id leave the +red lense in the neon frame as its a great combo!

well done on getting an original pair with the box!

p.s i only collect vintage so if you need a hand on anything else vintage let me know