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For Sale Assorted Frogs


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Figured I better move my Frogs over to the Frogskin exchange. Although I have many, I'm definitely not an expert on Frog pricing - if I'm way out on something please let me know. I'll update as things sell and as I list more.
Union Jack $275
Old Glory $275
Buy both for $500
Oakley Frogskins Union Jack / Ruby Iridium | eBay
Oakley Frogskins Old Glory / +Red Iridium | eBay
SOLD Hell $150 SOLD
Danny Kass $225
Oakley Frogskins Danny Kass Polished Clear / Grey Totem | eBay
Shaun White Polished Black / 24K $125
Oakley Frogskins Shaun White Polished Black / 24K | eBay
Koston Woodgrain $150
Oakley Frogskins Eric Koston Woodgrain new, complete, rare | eBay
MASH $145
Oakley Limited Edition MASH SF Frogskins Dark Charcoal | eBay
IH Carbon/Violet $125
Oakley Frogskins Infinite Hero Carbon / Violet Iridium | eBay
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Great guy to deal with and always perfectly described
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