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Batwolf vs. Straightback vs. Turbine Rotor Size?


Oakley Enthusiast
Wondering if anyone has all 3 and can tell me what diff there are in size as they all look so similar?? I have the turrbine rotor and the straightback and the straight back is a little smaller width and not as tall lens but i wonder how the batwolf compares? anyone?
i will also say the straightlink model fits me well and i have like 3 pairs of these. But i like the shield. Sont know if i should get the batwolf or pass on it. cant try it anywhere locally. As i said i really like the straightback fit and look and my turbine rotor not so much as its a bit larger on me. thanx
batwolf is wider then rotor turbine?? anyone know compared to the straighback?
Hello. I have 2 batwolf and 2 straightback, and i'm waiting the arrive of 2 Turbine Rotor. At this moment i can tell you that is bigger straightback than batwolf; the stetic on face is better in the straightback. Both lenses are really nice, but straightback are "more sport" than batwolf; for example if you are running on the park or in the beach, straightback are comfortable and really looks very good. If you are going to a party beach or just walking outdoor, the batwolf is the option. But you need to use both and feel them in your face. Letme attach some pictures. Other point is the color, is good to choose the color you like, but sometimes is good to choose a color that has a good contrast on your skin. In my case i'm little white and i like the blue, the fire and the black color. Not all oakley lenses models are in all colors combination.