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BOB Face?


Oakley Expert
With my Juliet's:


With my X Metal XX:

On a side note, I am enjoying the VR28 BIP more then I expected. I wore my X Metal XX Black Iridium the other day after using the VR28s and It almost seemed like the BI were not dark enough.
The Juliets don't fit your face quite as well as the XX.

I know it sucks, If I can find a way to get VR28 BIP lenses in my XX I need to stick with what I have

I have seen the custom cutting PDF and info, but wished Oakley would just re issue some lenses..

My other choice is to get a pair of something else, but I need something I know will not break easily.

I have cracked O matter frames and lenses before, so not sure i would do that again..

I like my O matter XX though