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Cool Display items...


I should Work at Oakley
Balt MD
Anyone seen these ???? I know they are not Oakley but cool display items!!!!


Yea on eBay. I got kind of pissed off when the first one popped up and I bought it because the guy said it was Oakley even tho I didn't think it was by the pic he had posted. It got here and wasn't. No soon as I messaged him about it not being authentic he made more listings saying they were not Oakley made. But told me different in our original messages.
Yes for off Ebay. I know they where not Oakley, but found them cool and got one. Them ordered 5 more and getting some other Oakley ones not listed.
I did not think they where to bad. I only have one out of the 7 that the image is kind of grainy. That is the Bunker ...but may have been the image used to do it ?????

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