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Eyepatch 12-931


Oakley Expert
I'm looking for information about Oakley Eyepatch 12-931 polished black with black Iridium polarized lenses.
Saw them for sale on e-bay but cannot find them in any store. Eyepatch 1 are discontinued, so i'd like to know if this model was sell by official Oakley dealers.
Also they are not listed on o-review.com
From what I've researched, this frame has been out of production for a few years and judging from the colorway it was probably the easiest to get color thus not a special version.
Thank You guys for help and information.
I'm going to buy them, but there's one thing that bothers me... I've googled some photos and on the earstem, next to the serial number there are numbers (56-17) defining eye size and brigde size as i presume. Compare it to my matte black eyepatch (64-16) it looks like the 12-931 are smaller? Any clues about the difference?:confused:
as far as i know they are all the same size....
there is no asian fit for that model.