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Frogskins: ACID RAIN Series...

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This is the only info i could get w/c i saw a month ago


Color Ways:





Link: http://www.freshnessmag.com/2010/12/24/ ... n-preview/

All i can say for Frogskins collector's this Set's a must!

I read somewhere the release date is to be March 1st, but I can not confirm that or the exact number of them.
yeah, we really need to find a release date for these. there super cool and once there available they wont be around for long before their sold out
well according to my acct info, should be March 1st. But when have they ever released anything on time?? I would guess the same number as the others, what was that 5000? I have no idea where that dude got the ones in the previous posts, he must be on the inside.
I just bought the yellow, orange and blue at N3L. If you have one of these stores in your town check it out.
Can you buy as a set? Is it cheaper. Called Oakley and the rep I talked to knew nothing about them. Are they limited? How many? Called N3L (Orlando) and they had all in, but black. Any other info would help. Already read googles.... Thanks
Not open for further replies.