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Oakley Expert
California, USA
I have collected X-metals for years since they were released. I bought 3 Frogskins over that time but don't claim to know very much about them and wore them not thinking anything of it. I was able to get my hands on a collection of a dozen of them bnib , but did not give them much thought, as I only have displayed x-metals and older stuff in the past.

My question is there a ton of collectors of only frogskins out there? I went up to Oakley to try to replace the lenses on my Lutzkas that I wear and was told by the guys at walk up that frogskins were more collectable than the x-metals and they could not fix my lenses. I decided to look them up and was blown away at the prices on ebay. They are not really that old and were pretty cheap to begin with, but they seem to command pretty high premiums. I am most interested in the supremes that I have a handful of. Were these super rare or just highly collectable? Whats the story with them?

I am debating displaying them. I can't decide if I need to buy another tower to display these guys. I find that they don't sit well in the towers. How do you guys display them?

well i can tell you exactly why the frogskins are so rare, first off they only make a select number of them, some have runs a little as 100 others have runs of 5000. once they stop making them they are done and thats it. the supers are one of the low number one. which makes the very rare and like you saw up in price for something that really isnt that expensive to begin with. i personally would display them if you have the space. if you have some rare one they are really cool and give another side to a collection too. not sure on the best way to display them though, but hey any way is a good way for oakleys

Frogs are awesome and have had a huge following since the 80's. But collectors have really started picking them up since the re-release. I would like to think of myself as quite a Frogskin expert, so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. OH, I would hang onto those Trouble Frogs if I were u.

If you have the yellows I'd trade you a few pairs of frogs for those my fiancee is dying for them