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Half-X Hinge Repair


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Here the steps I took to repair a Hinge in my Half-X.

I have looked at 2 Tutorials and in both it required manufacturing new parts .
This did not appeal to me.
Sitting in front of a vice for hours is not my thing.

First of all.
Buy or use only high quality Tools.
Spend your Money on tools not screws.

Tools Required:
- T6 Screw Driver like WIHA sells.
- .035 inches / 0.9mm Allen Key. EDIT: Or a T2
- small amount Grease
- small bowl
- Laser Welder with a Microscope Optic (every Dental Lab. has one)
- Ultrasonic Bath
- Key File
- Pinch Pliers
- Jeweler's magnifying glass
- Small container to put all the little parts in if you stop working on it.
- Shop Vice with protected jaws.
- Locking Pin .05 inches / 1,3mm

Here I show you all the Parts that make the Hinge:

View attachment 727571

The good thing is, that you can't loose any parts of the hinge Assembly when the pin of the Hinge snaps.
The, what I call, head with the hole is held by the temple screw and the rest is stuck inside the temple.

1. Open and remove the Set Screw by using the Allen Key and place the screw inside the Bowl.
Do not lose that Set Screw.
Working in a clean environment helps if one of the small parts jumps on you to find it.

2. Now you need to get all the little parts stuck inside the Hole out of the temple.
Look at my picture, all that is inside prob. held back by old grease.
I used a Ultrasonic Bath with mixture of hot Water Dish washing Detergent and some Isopropanol.

3. Run the temple in the US Bath as long as parts war still missing.
Place all parts inside the bowl.

4. Start with the Pin with one end pinched flat.

View attachment 727574

5. Remove the excess Material from the pinched end so the pinch is not wider than the pin.

6. Weld the pinched end of the pin dead center back to the head by using the Laser Welder.

View attachment 727576

7. Wile welding, add some Titanium Welding Wire to the weld to strengthen the weld.

8. Remove excess welding material by using the Key File to assure proper alignment of the second part to head and the temple Screw Hole.

View attachment 727577

The second Part of the Assembly must line up with the corner of the Hole of the Head and must slide relativ free.
If that is not possible then the weld is in the way. Remove more weld.

View attachment 727578View attachment 727580

9. Assemble all Part in the correct order.

10. Compress the Spring and spacer and pinch the end so the Assembly will not come apart anymore.

11. Dip the Hinge Assembly into Grease and stick the Assembly back into the temple.
Make sure the Hinge Assembly is so far into the temple that the ring of the second part lines up with threaded hole for the set Screw.

View attachment 727581

12. Check with Jeweler's glass before tightening the Set Screw.

13. Secure the Assembly with the Set Screw.
Easy on the set screw.

The assembly of the Temple to the Frame is bit tricky.

14. Clamp the temple in the Vice and pull out the Hinge with a pin, nail or a hook.
15. Lock the hinge in place with a second pin for easy installation to the Frame.
16. Remove the nail and assemble the temple to the Frame.
17. Remove the Pin.

Thanks for the tip and picture @UnitorDhakra

View attachment 727593

It should look like this at the end.
The flaps of the second hinge part must be in between the Frame and Temple.

View attachment 727882

Take your time with each step.

Keep the hinges lubed with light Oil to reduce friction.
Do not test 100 times how far the temple can flex out.
If you have a large head this frame is not for you.

I will test drive my Half-X as soon as I have decided what Lenses to put in.
Since this Frame is not very popular, Lenses are still relatively cheap.
I put on some Nose Pads from a Half Jacket and Juliet Earsocks.
Its not perfekt but will do until @Linegear Japan finally releases Rubber for Half-X.
Thanks @Linegear Japan

Cheers and thank you for reading.

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