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I'm new to the forum, but not to Oakley. I bought my first pair of Oakleys in 1991- they were clear frame purple iridium Frogskins. and since then... well, lets just say I have had a few pairs...

Frame Color / Lens / Style

Clear/ Purple iridium / Frogskins- loved these. I bought them in 9th I sold them to a friend in order to buy my first pair of Blades the following year.
Red/ Grey/ Factory Pilots. I bought these used from a friend of mine who later "borrowed" them without my authorization when I was in 12th grade, he then lost them in Lake Erie while sailing.

White (clear earstems) / gold iridium / Blades- loved these, and should have kept them, but instead sold them to a friend in order to finance Blue Oakley Mumbos (predecessor to the M-Frame)

Blue / Blue Iridium/ Mumbo- I didn't really like these. I couldn't get used to the tension frames, and found the ridged unobtanium earsocks to be uncomfortable. I sold these to the same guy who bought my old blades.

clear gray/ gold iridium/ Frogskins- Oakley went kinda cheap on these as they had the plastic hinges instead of metal like my first pair of FS. I was wearing them one day and went to the mall and one of those snake oil salesmen that worked in the kiosks tried to pitch me some "lens protection" he applied it, and it basically ate the lenses. The iridium coating was trashed. I replaced these with a pair of Raybans.

White/ Grey/ Eyejacket- these were my return to Oakley. I LOVED these glasses, and there is rarely a picture of me when I was in college where I am not wearing them. Loved loved loved loved loved them. Then an earstem broke. :roll:

Brown tortoise/ gold iridium/ Fives- back to love. Wore these for about 2 years. Then an earstem broke. :roll:

Grey/ Grey /Square wire- still have these, although the style is dated and questionable now I keep them in my wifes SUV as my spares.

Green tortoise / gray/ Montefrios- I bought these from without ever trying them on. They are a bit weird for my face and I haven't worn them much. They have "Oakley" spelled out in full in gold metal on the earstems. about a year later the Montefrio's were reintroduced as a Shaun White model, and they have the square O on them. Mine seem to be unique so i have been keeping them.

Gloss black/ Grey/ GasCan- Didn't know how to feel about these when they first came out, but then fell for them like i did for my Eyejackets years earlier. these were my goto pair for about 5 years, then I lent them to a friend and they got lost in a river.

black ltd edition / grey/ "Global" GasCans- these are the glasses I was wearing when my buddy lost my gloss black GasCans

Gloss Black / grey polarized/ Spike- these were large, heavy, and uncomfortable. My wife gave them to me as a gift. I gave them to a friend last year. Probably wore them 3 times.

Chrome/gold/ Crosshair- I liked them when i bought them. Gave these to my wife later and she wears them now.

Black/grey/ Flakjacket- wife gave these to me as a gift. They are alright. Thinking of having them fitted with RX lenses for golf.

Gold/Grey/ Felon- after a little bit of bending they fit alright, but when it comes to aviators I prefer my raybans.

Brown tortoise/ Gold iridium/ GasCan S- I have no idea why Oakley quit making the "S" model- these are great, and remind me of my old Fives (hence the color combo)

Flat Black/ Grey Polarized Rx/ Gascan- my first Rx sunglasses. I must admit I love these. So much better than wearing contacts...

I also have 4 pairs of Oakley Rx glasses

Grey /O2- these were my first Oakley RX glasses. I liked them, retired them for the O wires

Grey /"O" Wires- I like these but they lack the tension needed to stay on my face when I am active.

Black / Hollow points- I went all out on these, got anti glare, and photo-reactive coatings on the lenses, but I don't really like them that much. I ended up upgrading the RX on my O Wires about 6 months after I bought the hollowpoints, and went back to wearing those.

Black/ Bucket- Love these. these are my current go-to glasses.

I also have an Oakley Judge II watch, Oakley Golf Cleats, 2 pairs of Oakley Board Shorts, Oakley Snow Pants, a zip up warm up jacket, and a polo style shirt with thermal sleeves.

i sorta like the brand...

just a little.


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:welcome:to the forum. Some cool pairs there. Check out the collections area. Some people there have a few pairs too. :neo:Post some pictures as well we'd love to see em.


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@OakleyFrankFMJ are you traveling back in time to 2011, creating a bunch of "hello" threads, then zipping back to present time and becoming the first one to welcome these folks (yourself) that never got any replies?