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Hello From The Mile High City!


Oakley Beginner
Colorado, USA
Hey guys i just joined on the site and love all of the oakley collections you guys have! I'm 15 and have been interested in oakleys since i saw the OTTs at my local ski shop when i was 7ish. I bought my first pair of Oaks around 4years ago or whenver they came out with the gascan. I try to get a new pair once a year for my birthday. should be getting holbrooks in a week or so.

now some picks of my very very small collection.

gascan, flak jacket XLJ polarized, Oilrig T-pain signature series.


Crowbars matte white fire irid. A-frame H.I. persimmon

blurry pic of my flack pack 2.0
Welcome! At 15 and you already have a nice collection going! I was still collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at your age :) Didn't get my first pair of Oakleys until i was 17.