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  1. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    What are your plans for holiday travels?

    I've run into a conundrum. Too many times have I found myself without the proper pairs with me. I usually have 1-2 pairs in my car but either those don't give me enough versatility or I just don't have the right combination.

    So what do all of you do? Just wear something too dark, or go without shades most of the time it's not beautifully sunny? Do you plan according to the weather and bring one pair?

    Let's remove night time and heavy overcast (might as well be night) from the list. Everything from full on sun, to light rain, to hazy, to dawn/dusk, and everything in between.

    And now, with holiday travel I'll be away from home for a week or more, meaning I've got to plan to cover everything and bring it with me.

    I think I have the tools; black polarized, black, VR28 black polarized, gold, gold polarized, OO red polarized, persimmon, ice, fire, VR50, VR28, VR28 blue, blue, yellow, G26, G30, grey, +red. But I can't bring the whole gang along.

    Allowing for some overlap, what would you go with? Start hitting all the main transmission rates?

    How many is too many, and how few is not enough?

    What are your plans for traveling for an extended length of time? How do you carry everything?

    Do you try to cover the spread with a sports array, or dedicate a pair to each lens?
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  2. del518

    del518 I have a few pair.....

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    When I travel, I try to bring a pair for cloudy/overcast days and a pair for sunny days. In other words, I always try to bring at least 2 pairs. I typically bring a frame with a G30 lens and a pair with at least a Grey lens.

    If I were to bring only one lens....it would proabably be a Bronze Polarized lens or Gold Iridium.
  3. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    I usually go with a similar strategy. One pair with Black Iridium polarized for everyday sun, then a second pair for overcast and possibly one more pair of either Radars or Fast Jackets if I am planning on playing Golf.
  4. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    Perfect excuse to buy another pair
  5. Oakleholic

    Oakleholic Oakley Beginner

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    When I'm out on the road I usually just take my Ruby Julies and bring along my Flak Jacket Case with the BIP and XLJ Fires tucked in there..occasionally I'll grab the Straight Jackets as well if I'm gonna be going "hatless". I understand your conundrum though, when is enough pairs really enough once you're out and away from the stocks and stable?
  6. Oakster

    Oakster Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Jawbones, Eyepatch 2, and one of either Inmate or Jury if there's something that I need to dress up for.
  7. s3sunruh

    s3sunruh Oakley Collector

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    I take a pair or two. I like having my knock-around black eyepatch 2's with me. I prefer to take pairs that are replaceable if something were to happen.
  8. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    hmmm... for me two! Jupiter LX and plasma XS!
  9. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    I'd take a Jawbone or Split Jacket. At least that way you could change lenses. Always have a polarized pair too. Something for cloudy & something for bright days
  10. Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    Juleye Exclusive Eyewear http://www.juleye.nl

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    I always have some pairs with me that are suitable for fashion and pairs that are suitable for sports and others that are suitable for more normal activities.
    Added to that I always make sure that I cover a complete range of light transmission so going from dark to light. Most if the times I take about 14 pairs with me.