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How to get Prizm Jade(not Prizm Road Jade) lenses for Sutro Lite / Sweep?


Oakley Enthusiast

does anyone know how to get Prizm Jade lenses either for the Sutro Lite, preferrably in Sweep shape?

I am not talking about Prizm Road Jade that you can get everywhere, as I dont like the strong red tint those have and prefer the much more neutral tone of normal Prizm Jade, which I have on the Radar EV.

Unfortunately they were only available on the Custom Programm for both versions (currently not, but there seem to be some availabilty problems for the Sutro Lite at least in Europe). Sure I could get a custom frame (once they are available again) and sell the frame, but that is quite an expensive option. Would they be able to order as an replacement directly from Oakley?
Here’s a good option Prizm Jade Line Minor lens

Thanks for all the replies.

Found the lense at the Parts Site as well, hadnt thought about looking there as I wasnt aware that a non-custom frame with that lense existed.
Did you eventually find a 9463 Prizm jade lens in sweep design?
No, I even wrote an email to the Oakley Customer Support. This lense is only available through the custom programm (well currently not even there) and not even available on the spare part service. So unfortunately one cannot find it there

So for the Prizm Jade there are currently only the 2 options listed above.
- buy the Regular Sutro Lite lense via the Parts Site (under Asian fit)
- get a custom cut lense for the sweep version

Or of course wait until its available again on the customs program (they were available both in the Sweep and normal shape until recently) and buy a pair there with that lense. Unfortunately I personally find the colour options offered there rather uninspiring, as one can basically only do a mix & match of colours that are already availabe through regular offers...or buy a pink that in reality looks more red than pink.