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If i won the lottery my first purchase would be a pair of Ducati Juliete.


Oakley Beginner
How's it going y'all. I have been a die hard fan of the Xmetals ever since they hit the beaches of SC in '99. Wife and I were still in the Honeymoon stage(pre-kids weekends were great no kids puking or peeing in my bed) my first purchase were Romeos and although I liked the way they looked, the lightweight although they touted them as metal, and the fit, I definitely prefered the wrap around design for maximum coverage.

My true obsession didn't take root until I bought my first pair of Juliet. From that point on I did not own any other sunglasses. My first pair were the Juliet Ichiro model with the blue iridium lenses but bought the emerald fire, gold, and ruby to interchange them when the mood struck. These sunglasses surived 3 kids, a few trips on the top of the truck making a mad dash to the grocery store to feed said 3 screaming kids, couple ocean fishing trips when someone behind me felt it was more fun to hook and reel ME in then the fish. Even an armed robbery. Gave the guy what little cash I had left in my pocket, Thanks kids!!!, he told me to give up my shades I introduced him to my oldest kid instead (refer to store run earlier) and ran down his best qualities. Nope not giving you my Juliete's not today. Those I WILL shoot you to keep them on my head. True story btw.

Then I found my personal Holy Grail the day I picked up my Ducati Monster. The sales guy handed me a small box with my keys. It didn't take long to figure out what I was holding. My first pair of Ducati Juliet but not the black framed ones. The guy had his cousin paint them fire engine red to match my bike. I was floored I didn't know they had even made a pair in conjunction with Ducati.

Hello Everyone my name is Jeremy and I'm an X-Metal junkie. Nice to meet you!
Unfortunately I have neither pair anymore. Both were stolen out of my car while at work. 😡😡. Guess they figured they deserved them more. Bad thing is they busted the window out of my WS6 for no reason. I never lock the doors. Just being punks. I have an idea who did it and bidding my time lol
I have a few Ducatis myself.....
Welcome to the Forum. Ducati Juliet are not the rarest pair of Juliets to source so you should be good here.

Nice DM you owned there. Only Italian bike I had was an RSV4. I am looking to buy a V4R next year.