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Japan Trip


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a friend will make a trip to Japan next month and i know, he will be in Tokyo for three days and than he want´s travel around a bit. . .
if a member know a place, where he get´s some Oakley stuff - maybe Ichiro glasses, skull collection or back packs please let me know!

i found the O-Store
Oakley Store Harajuku
5-17-4 Jingumae ,Shibuya-ku
Tokyo Japan

but maybe they have a mall where he should go to get some goodies for me?!?!

thanx fellas

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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man, any square O japan exclusives you may wanna pick up for me? :D!

i do not make the trip - otherwise every time dude!!!
i will be more than happy, if he will find some time, to take a look for me. he is not into oakley. . .

thank you Johnny. . .
maybe he will contact you again. my buddy will make the trip next month - so i still have time to collect informations :tongue:

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