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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Monster6, 12/5/18.

  1. Monster6


    I have been an oakley fan since my first pair of blades. Would eventually like to find the models I have had in the past that have been lost, broken, stolen or traded away and add to my current "mini" collection. Really enjoying the threads on here
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  2. Wavecloud Customs

    Wavecloud Customs Premium Member

  3. Serhat

    Serhat Premium Member

    Hi and welcome

  4. Howdy. Get some x metals. You will be happy.
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  5. Slojack

    Slojack Premium Member

    Quiet you!

  6. Dullisc


    Welcome! :welcome:

  7. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member


  8. QLR1

    QLR1 Premium Member


    Welcome to the board

  9. Rick58

    Rick58 Premium Member

  10. Bonz-1

    Bonz-1 Premium Member Lifetime Member


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