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Limited Edition Oakley MVP Flight Jacket (150 Made)


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Cincinnati, Ohio
I got an email advertising there only 150 pairs being made of this limited edition flight jacket only available to Oakley MVP members. Not my style but I ordered a pair because of being exclusive and limited..


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Flight Jacket really is a cycling/bike frame through and through. The frameless top is great for venting, but is an eyesore. It begs to be conveniently hidden under a helmet lip or perhaps a baseball hat. You look like you're wearing MTX goggles in these, just without the elastic band. This is the kind of frame that I'd wear only because it genuinely is a great piece of context-specific kit, and not because I like the aesthetics particularly.


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At the end of the day it's still a flight jacket

And can be more or less replicated.

Oakley has been bad at the limited thing. I mean yeah if you put that on the resale market, it should command a premium, but realistically not many people care.

I mean no disrespect to Flight Jacket owners. I liked the pair for all intents and purposes. Of course there are things that are crazy cool, like the Ichiro Radarlock because it's tied to HoF World-Class baseball player, and well, chrome. And then there's the AntiFreeze Radar which seem to tickle a lot of people's fancy because it's so striking of a color (along with the Asia-exclusive crystal orange pair).

This is something people can replicate. Splatter is cool, We want it, because that was a past time, more-readily available offering. Make it limited is like Taco Bell bringing back the Nacho Fries. Like f*** you. That s*** was here just a few months ago. I can go get some seasoning and dipping cheese for my own fries elsewhere. Don't tell me it's limited.

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