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  1. TheButteryNarwhal

    TheButteryNarwhal Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hi, I'm trying to block out all white/blue light. Anything that causes inhibition of melatonin production.

    I have regular amber tinted lens on some m-frames and they're just not deep enough in color, so I'm having to use these: http://www.amazon.com/Uvex-S1933X-Eyewear-SCT-Orange-Anti-Fog/dp/B000USRG90.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone have opinions of if it'd be possible to double up some amber goggle lenses and cut them to size to fit within Eyeshade frames?

    Just thought about it, are Eyeshade lenses even removable? I just looking for something with good coverage that won't let light in, if it was possible to double up the lens.
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  2. jdd32

    jdd32 X Metal Workshop

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    if you're referring to 'doubling up the lens' as in stacking multiple lenses on top of each other, then I wouldn't advise it unless you absolutely know what you're doing. Aside from the possibility of distorting your vision, you'll get a lot of light reflections/ghosting anomalies that otherwise wouldn't exist with a single lens. eg. single lens causes 1 light flare from a single light source. A stack of 2 lenses creates 4 light flares from a single light source due to the combination of refraction and internal reflections. Go get yourself 2 lenses stacked together and go stare at your ceiling light to see what I mean.
  3. PhadeOut

    PhadeOut Oakley Beginner

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    You definitely do NOT want to double stack your lenses.

    I would recommend you see an optometrist about what they can offer you, and if Oakley or otherwise, have a solution that meets your tolerance and coverage.