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Mile A Day/Oakley A Day Run Streak


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My wife wants to do a run streak to help get ready to look our best at her cousin’s wedding in a few months, so we are back to running at least a mile a day. I figured it was a great opportunity to do an Oakley-A-Day streak.

We started on 8/1, and my goal is 42 miles by the end of the month since I turn 42 this month, and 420 miles of cycling. Not too hard since I get about 260 miles a month from teaching 5 indoor cycling classes a week.

So check back to see my modest collection and who knows, maybe some of you will get inspired to get out and run, walk, ride, or whatever it is you enjoy doing!

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Oakley Collector
Day one - Second Gen M Frame - Gold Mine Sweep Gold Iridium. I love the lens color, but finding I’m not a Sweep kinda guy. I do have a bunch of various Sweeps, so probably will get them up for sale sometime soon. These lenses will eventually be up too, but not selling the frames.

3.02 miles, 27:49, 9:12 pace - Should have been at least 3.1, but Apple Watches are not as good at tracking running as my Garmin, which I forgot to charge. Bonus pic with my wife in her Splatter Neon Pink Radar EV’s with Road Prism Path’s.

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