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Minute Mahine Adjustment.


Oakley Beginner
hey forum,
Recently purchased titanium edition minute machine in which im really impressed with the looks and quality of the timepiece :D
I do tho have a small problem, i've got quite small wrists so i've removed 3 links with an allen key(which was really easy), with the removal of these links its still a little bit loose on my wrist, i've taken 4 links out but its too tight :? , is it true that the watch has got an adjustment on the clasp so you can tweek it to fit perfectly or have i heard wrong?????.
If this is the case, how do you do it.
look forward to anybodys response.
scott (u.k)
ya it does. if you can take it to a store they should be able to help you out. if not there are little pins on the clasp and you can get it open with small paper clip or something like that.
Hey thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of popping to an oakley store, nearest one to me is 200 miles away :( I guess you just push the little pins in on the clasp and slide it into you got just it right obviously being carefull not to scratch the bracelet, many thanks forum :D
From what I remember (my watch isn't with me at the moment), on the clasp, you will see a bunch of little holes. Those little holes are the "fine tuning" adjustment for the fit. YOu can use a paperclip or sewing needle/thumbtack to compress the springs in the pin and move them inwards for a more custom fit.

For quick adjustment of the bracelet, There are small holes (3 in a row on each side at the end of the clasp). What you need to do is to flatten any paper clip (not too thick one) and push the spring bar on both sides of the clasp, then move in/out to adjust. Make sure you hear the click and see the holes if the spring bar has locked in place.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the size of the allen key needed to remove the links, however, I do have the picture if the tools (the L shaped one).
just bend a paper clip and use the micro adjusters make a paperclip in this triangular shape then pinch both sides and slide the clasp
>>>>>>__.. __
...........\ ...../

Just wanted to see if you knew where i could get a replacement bracelet for my Minute Machine Oakley Watch?

Thanks and Cheers!

Where did you get the replacement bands? They look like its for the Gear Box.


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