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  1. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    new cube & pedestal:
    My Collection - 101_2499_zps664d7543.jpg
    My Collection - 101_2455_zps4db5e807.jpg
    Jordan OO wires:
    My Collection - 101_2449_zpsde8fa4d2.jpg
    Scars and Straight Jackets
    My Collection - 101_2456_zpsc36116c9.jpg
    Troy Lee Gascans and other Gascans
    My Collection - 101_2468_zps9ee12e00.jpg
    more coming
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    x-metals ...X squared(s), Mars and Juliet
    My Collection - 101_2467_zpsd3c4be30.jpg
    Mag M-Frame and Mag Switch(s)
    My Collection - 101_2464_zps9f066091.jpg
    Vintage Splatter Mumbo M-frame and Razor Blades
    My Collection - 101_2462_zps4ddb10b0.jpg
    Fuel Cell Both Polished Clear w/ Violet Iridium and Fire Iridium purple chrome and chrome icons
    My Collection - 101_2457_zpsd1c576ee.jpg
    White Chrome Radar Path
    My Collection - 101_2458_zps83d5c48e.jpg
  3. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    Custom painted Tangelo Pearl M-Frames
    My Collection - 101_2460_zpsc61fbd37.jpg
    Extra M Lenses and other lenses
    My Collection - 101_2469_zpsb19bad08.jpg

    Last pair NOT OAKLEYS but i think interesting, Diamond plate aluminum
    My Collection - 101_2470_zps0a2d8bd1.jpg
    My Collection - 101_2471_zps77a257ed.jpg

    I hope that last pair wasn't blasphemy...lol.
    I thought i had some vintage Frogskins i need to look deeper...
    I also have a SI laptop bag for all my laptop and camera goodies, a 'O' lanyard to hold my race tickets and i'm sure other junk. My Mumbo carbon fiber print glasses broke in half while in storage.Bummer.
    So thats it for now until some e-bay purchases come.
  4. ryebread929

    ryebread929 Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Im a big fan of the gas cans! Those Troy Lees look amazing. Nice collection!
  5. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    thanks, i wear those often, and the Tortoise/Polarized are great for motorcycle riding.
  6. medusaboy

    medusaboy Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    i want one pedestal!!he s. very cool!
    and i like your splatter !
  7. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    The mumbo splatter is OEM Oakley and the other is one i did myself in late 80's early 90's. I had a bootleg small pair to match for my then 7 YO son.
    I know where some more pedestals are.....i believe in the box.
  8. Makeemsayunhhh

    Makeemsayunhhh Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    nice collection! love those blades! absolutely amazing!
  9. Hijack

    Hijack Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Really a nice collection.....love xmetals at all
  10. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    well i recently got a Carbon Juliet Finito, a polished Juliet with hammerstems and maybe another Mars on the horizon. Also got another Jordan OO wire in Gold Oxide and Leather Gold Iridium, a Ten in Tortoise/Bronze iridium and will have another Fuel Cell coming.