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My First Pair Of Juliets


I Should Work at Oakley...
Denver, CO
I am glad I got them since violet iridium is one of my favorite lenses. Even though this isn't one of those "rare" pairs, I think it is great as my first pair of Juliets! The X Squared fits me a bit better though...so bring on the Infinite Hero X Squared please!
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As with most pairs these look better in the flesh than the Oakley release photo's. These may not be a "rare" pair but they are a "SWEEEEEEET" pair.......................................& you've crossed over to the DARKSIDE too jive.
haha thanks guys. hmm I am done for the year most definitely, and I am content with all my frogs so we'll see what next year brings and we'll see if the x metal takes a hold on me lol.

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