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My X-metal Juliet (1999) customized by the infamous PlaceholderUK

LovQUOTE="AbraxasFire, post: 1633557, member: 42399"]
I don't mean to open old wounds or bad memories for some, but I have to throw in my story as well. I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm also one of the many who was persuaded by Chris. This happened on Feb 2017 and it took 8 or 9 months for me to see my Juliet again.

I can't put all the blame on him, after all I took his word without hesitation. I accepted his service with no question, didn't do my due diligence and forked out $160 for a strip-down of the coating and polished orbitals, gun metal black temples (serial number is gone now) and nose bridge, green/blue lenses that were supposedly CZ but I really have no way of knowing. I can tell you that the lenses weren't cut right because the left one is loose and the right one is so loose it rattles. The only thing he didn't do and I clearly remember telling him that I wanted a mirror finish polish on the orbitals. But when it was taking months I was just worried I wouldn't see them again. During that time he did tell me he was hospitalized for a long time. And when he told me he shipped them, it was like pulling teeth trying to get the tracking number. A friend of mine who lives near Glasgow even offered to drive down to his door and "persuade him" in the only way a Scot would, and he's built like a berserker so that was actually quite tempting.

But once I got them back before the new year of 2018, I never wore them because of concerns of the lenses from falling, so they've been carefully stored in my Crosshair box; my Juliet box was damaged by moisture a long time ago so I only have the Juliet and the 1999 coin/medallion. The sunglasses were a gift from my mother for my high school graduation so they kinda have sentimental value, I'm 50/50 attached to them. In the future I might sell them so I could get the X-Squared because I think that would fit my face better. These are as tight as f*** on my covid chunk face.

Since I busted my Crosshair recently, the Juliet has seen the light of day again. Although Chris has a bad reputation around here, they're actually well refinished. Was it worth the $160? I don't know, to be honest. The work on the lenses was shoddy, not gonna lie. Maybe gold colored lenses would hit the spot. If I ever have them modified again, I wish for that person to be more local in California instead of the UK.

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Love the stream light