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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by CodyDustyn, 9/14/11.

  1. CodyDustyn


    So, I am torn between getting carbon fiber with white o's and white earsocks, matte black with white o's and white earsocks, or pearl white with black o's and black earsocks. I know that I want the +red iridiums because they are perfect for golf, but I have no clue which frames I want. What do yall think? Also what is the difference between straight stems and regular radars? And what does pearl white look like in comparison to polished white? Thanks for the help.

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  2. Jummeltje

    Jummeltje Premium Member

    u should def take matt black! :)

  3. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    +1 matte black is awesome

  4. OBlazer


    matte black for sure! or FMJ??

  5. Menendez1293


    Well I want the carbon ones because I love the way they look. Although matte black looks awesome too. You can't go wrong with any choice

  6. Darkmatter


    I have both color Radar's in Matte Black and one in Carbon Fiber. Everyone is different but to me the carbon fiber looks much better than the matte black....also looks much richer. I switch up the colors on lenses but have used both the positive red iridium and fire iridium for golf and honestly I like both of them equally. This is just my opinion you can't go wrong either way.

    Also....the difference between the straight stems and the standard is the straight one's are snugger....meaning that the stems just go straight back....the standard stems actually go outwards a little to add some space and there is also an opening in the shape of an "O". I prefer the standard one's over the straight stems....even though they are wider they still fit nice and snug....not to mention IMO they look better as well.

  7. Holyman


    Is the Carbon Fiber Radar the same as the Echelon Radar?

  8. BriP


    straight stem has no holes! the regular stem is much nicer! go CF if you can, or the matt black!

  9. yoshi1984


    i'd go with matte black and white o's and white ear sock's, that's a pretty nice set up personally. I don't like CF print, since it looks so fake and its obviously not real CF so whats the point. i think it just looks funny. if you want CF, make it out of real CF and pay the $4,000.00 like the c-six lol.

    p.s. i always thought you never could get white o's for radar customs?

  10. Darkmatter


    Quite a few people hate the carbon fiber print....I really do not know why I think they look amazing. So what if they are not real carbon fiber I mean as light and strong as they already are they do not need to be. To me the fake carbon fiber print is just a fashion thing and it sure as hell beats paying 4k for a real carbon fiber pair of Oakley's. ....but hey to each their own.

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