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New daily wear


I am Jim Jannard...
So, only one new purchase here, but anyway... My recent daily selection:

1) Juliet Carbon VR28 BIP (am new to the VR28 BIP but now understand why it's so loved)

2) Juliet XMetal Grey Polarized (an underrated lens and much better than grey or plain black for days when I feel like neutral -- though not for full on sun)

3) XX XMetal Jade (and here's the new purchase. Custom cut Jade XX lens, cut from a Fast XL by a local Tokyo guy) I think the Jade suits XMetal wonderfully and I love the view - neutral, but somehow crisper

VR28BIP is an excellent lens. I wish I had more frames with that lens. Jade does look nice in x metal and very cool to look through.
My jade lenses are in an x-metal frame too, good choice.

I dissent on the VR28 praise though, never really liked them.