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Need new Rx sunglasses - currently VR28 BIP - what's the closest Prizm?


Oakley Beginner
Wife and I need new Rx sunglasses and we're trying to find what would be closest to the VR28 BIP that we're currently wearing. We love these lenses - perfect amount of light, contrast, color, for what we enjoy. Both of us have very sensitive eyes, but with these we can even wear them inside stores and see perfectly fine. We spend a lot of time driving and also going out in nature so we need a lens that's adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

We're looking at the following but unsure which would be closest and would appreciate others' experiences with these especially for those who might have also had VR28 BIPs.

  • Prizm Road Black - 11% VLT, rose - seems the closest to VR28 BIP which was 10%/rose
  • Prizm Tungsten - 14% VLT, bronze - heard good things about this, but unsure of more light and bronze
  • Prizm Sapphire - 12% VLT, grey - between above two for VLT, but grey for 'natural' tones

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Prizm deep water or prizm tungsten polarized are probably the closest from a contrast perspective. you’ll have to try them out though to see if they would work for you. I have a pair with VR28 BIP and I love them! I wish Oakley wouldn’t have discontinued that lens. Also FYI prizm dark golf is kinda similar to the original VR28 lens.