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Hey Everyone,

Giving thought to possibly getting together with a few forum members.

Something very informal - just pick a date, time, and place (most likely a restaurant/bar in Central New Jersey) and get together for some food, drink, and conversation.

I did this a few years ago and basically 2 guys showed up, so don't want to put to much time and energy into planning this.

I'm thinking sometime in April so the chance of possibly having to drive in the snow is very unlikely.

Quick question to those of you who might be interested - what day would work better, Saturday or Sunday?

Life is short - lets try to make this happen ...

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That's hurtful. I recall defending New York once for you!
I thought you were on Central time so I had another hour before I needed to respond.

Ohio is a lovely place, you guys helped elect our greatest POTUS ever. I hope you and Florida do it again. We need 4 more years of Liberals panties all in a wad because he won.

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