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Oakley Airbrake Snow or MX?


Oakley Beginner

I own a pair of Oakley Airbrake MX goggles which I have been using for downhill MTB. I am going skiing in the new year and will be doing a ski season in June so need some decent gear.

I understand with Ski goggles, dual lenses are used to avoid any form of fogging up. Oakley do actually sell a dual lense for the airbrake MX model in clear and in permission which is pretty good as it will accommodate clear and poor conditions.

Does anyone know any reason why the Airbrake MX model would be bad for skiing and also if my dual lense idea will actually work?

Just seems a shame to spend another £100 or so on good goggles when I already own a pair of sweet £130 goggles.



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The venting for snow goggles is key along with the dual lens. I'm not way up north... there's at least 1 person North of me and you all shall be seeing him in a few sleeps (if you were good).

If you are going to be skiing in the mountains in June you will probably want to use a dark lens on sunny days. Just get the Airbrakes and enjoy. Very happy with my Prizm Airbrakes btw :cool-20:

Okay, thank you for so many replies I really appreciate it.

I am thinking of getting the new Oakley Skydecks ... any word on how good they are? Alternatively, is there any goggles with a middle range price tag with brilliant performance you would recommend?



Kind of the wrong season to get good deals on Snow goggles. Got my last Prizm Airbrake pair for about £100 this spring, but nothing much like that at the moment. If easy lens switching isn't a big deal for you the Canopy and Flight deck MX are very nice.


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