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Replacement foam for Airbrake snow goggles


Oakley Beginner
So, I have a pair of Oakley Airbrake snow goggles that I bought in 2014. The goggles are perfectly serviceable with 3 prizm lenses apart from the strap loosening over time and the foam deteriorating. I took a look at the Airbrake MX (which is still for sale), and managed to get hold of a new strap, but the replacement face plates are not the same, the snow goggles have 4 main attachments - two top, two bottom (plus some slightly different attachments left and right) but the MX have some 8 of the same main attachments. So I need to get replacement foams - does anyone a) have any advice for where to source them, or b) instructions on how to remove the foam from the original goggle (plus therefore from the MX plastic) and to adhere the MX (of which only the plastic fittings differ) foam back to the snow goggle? Many thanks

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