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Oakley M Frame Hybrid S - Are Mine Too Big??


Oakley Beginner

im new to this site.

i received my very first pair of oakleys on weds. they are custom Oakley M-Frame Hybird S so they cannot be returned.
i love them. they look fantastic...off my head. trouble is when i wear them they look almost as if they are too large. they dont fall off when i tilt my head, but they do look too big by my temples, at the arm hinge.

are they designed to look like that? or are they simply too big?

are all oakleys the same size?

thanks for any help
m frames are a larger shield style lens. they are sports specific, so they are made to wrap around the head and are a big larger so they dont let light in around the edges. oakleys are all different shapes and sizes. i myself have a smaller face, so i'm limited on what frames i can wear. most look too big for my face.
depends now much space we are talking really. its up to you on what u think is to big really. all frames are different too, i would say as long as there not falling off your head your probly in good shape. but again its all up to the wearer really

snap a pick in them and show us too
thanks for the replys.
i will post a pic later today.

the gaps around the sides and botom are about 0.5cm i would say. but the gap between the arm hinge and side of my face is bigger (finger width size).

will post a pic later.

thanks again for the replies