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  1. xmetalfan

    xmetalfan Oakley Beginner

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    I was browsing the Oakley.com website and noticed that the Oakley Madman with fire lenses is on sale for $250!!!!! I love my ruby red ones so much that I couldn't pass up this deal. Placed my order and wanted to share with my other Oakley forum members. If you want a pair, it will be hard to beat this price for a new pair. To find them you have to put Madman in the search at the top. It is hidden in the site otherwise. I am just happy I stumbled on it.
    Last edited: 4/17/16
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  2. Linegear Japan

    Linegear Japan X-Metal Professional Platinum Forum Sponsor Premium Member

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    Thank you for the tip. Good for you there, no discount on JP site.

    Probably, sales of the new X-metal didn't perform well. ?

    Imagine if the starting price was 150$ to 170$, many would be so happy including us. And after we try the new frames for about 400$ a pair and we feel kind of ... "they steal x-metal reputation but did not offer up to our expectation", But anyway who can reach out to Lux!! We try to collect voices in our survey and will see how we can convey that to Oakley.