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Oakley Plaintiff Fit


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
Does anyone here have any pictures on how the Plaintiffs look on actual people? I been looking for pictures and I was wondering how large these Aviators are compared to lets say Ray-Bans or such. Just for reference anyway. Was thinking of adding these to the collection if they are large enough for my head. :mrgreen:
id say there really close to ray-bans but they are on a curved base so they wrap around your head. they fit really well on me and i have a big dome. hat size 7 5/8. hope that helps you out. i dont have them yet but i will soon!
if you have big cheeks it doesnt look good on. i was hoping these would fit like the inmate/probation but its just too round
I actually just purchased these today. Seems a little small for me. Oh well maybe I'll exchange them for a pair of inmate's or w/e. Looking for a metal pair of Oaks to add to the collection.
Heh, maybe. I'm shy though. I have a fat face. I really like the Inmate's as well. I'd like a pair of Metal Oakleys but most of them are on the small side.