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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Oakley Ron, 7/16/11.

  1. Oakley Ron

    Oakley Ron Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Anyone have any personal info on the Zero S ??? I want to order a pair but I really dont know anything about them.. I like off the wall and aggressive styles so these are right up my alley. Anyone had a pair or know any history about them??? Are they brand new or have they been around a while?? They look familiar.

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  2. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Released in 2004. The S is by far not my favorite of this the (likely) final generation of this once brilliant line, but for some odd reason its the one that has remained in production when the others have not. I'm a bigger fan of the standard New Zero (especially the Ducati which has its own special shaped lens) due to the lens shape but those are retired and really hard to come by for less than an organ.

    The S makes you look a little "buggy" depending on your facial geometry but they are insanely light (as light as anything the company has produced except for the Whisker). I would say go try them on, but I doubt you would find them in a store (I haven't been able to for years) so otherwise take the risk or make sure you're within the return policy. If you want them, grab them now as I think they'll be fully discontinued pretty soon.

  3. Oakley Ron

    Oakley Ron Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I appreciate this info. Very helpful. I think I will roll the dice on the 120 price tag and at worst case they fill a slot in the collection. I can pull off the bug eyed stuff with my shaved head so i think it may work!

  4. Patient_Cero


    Umm, you would compare the weight of these to the original Sub Zero? I find that EXTREMELY difficult to believe they retained the weight savings of the originals; impressive if they did.

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