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Old square wire 2.0's


Oakley Beginner
I got a pair of the old square wire 2.0's. They came with polarized lenses. The lenses were perfect when I first got them. I've had the 2.0's since they first came out so they are not new to me. The lenses on the inside look like the film is coming off or something. I want to get replacement lenses. I tried one company and they don't fit. They tried twice and both wouldn't fit. What company can I order lenses through so I'm not sending them
Back when I buy them. Any help would be appreciated.
No wait there is no screw to release the lenses. The lenses pop out. Actually Nevermind. Sorry long day at work. It is under the hinge
I have some on a listing. Also, there is a chance that the frame is a bit warped. It happens the odd time with wire stuff especially if someone in the past tried to swap lenses without unscrewing.
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Read more: http://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/lenses-lots-of-variety-vintage-etc.50150/page-3#ixzz3qcxvgpaw

Everything online shows to just pop out the lense. These were brand new when I got them last November.
Were the replacement lenses that you bought slightly too big making the orbital bulge when forced in ?

No. There was a tiny space in between the lense and the frame on near the nose piece. It seems like no one has replacement lenses for the spring hinge 2.0's

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