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Paypal F&F

Anthony Thomas

Oakley Enthusiast
Chester, VA
I am curious, I have noticed over my recent binge of purchases that about half the members ask for F&F. I believe the exchange rules are pretty clear cut about prices being stated in G&S.

The PayPal fee seems rather small considering the convenience it provides for on-line purchases, the assurance of a transaction, and the fact that, with some exceptions, most buyers and sellers are not really friends or family. My feeling is if a seller needs a certain amount of money - they simply incorporate their price and whatever fee they have to pay PayPal, so they can net a desired amount and not try to cut PayPal out of their share. If everyone insisted on doing this, PayPal might not provide the service. I personally, don't want to have to go back to sending checks in the mail or doing wire transfers which are rather expensive and inconvenient.

If the more and experienced senior members on the forum want to change the rules to use F&F as the agreed format that is fine . . . personally, I don't do F&F - I don't know any of you folks on the forum, and you don't know me. For someone selling goods and services - please don't ask for F&F until the rules are changed.

No transaction will ever being totally 100% risk free, lots of things can happen - but we should all strive to establish a standard for exchange and then follow it. If we do, everyone will benefit: buyer, seller, and PayPal.

I am curious to hear other people's thoughts on this - especially from those on the side of the fence that prefer F&F.

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I am Jim Jannard...
Premium Member
Lafayette, Co
Paying G&S is the better way to go, it’s the only way your protected if something goes wrong, F&F your pretty much screwed, if you do F&F your not covered but you don’t get hit with the fee if your the seller, so on higher price items the seller will get the full amount back


I put the G in GMoney
Everyone knows the risk of F&F
The rules are the rules. They are here to protect both seller and buyer

With that said, some will use F&F
By that I mean , I will pay F&F with someone that I have an established relationship with.
Also I am willing to risk a small amount. If its a large purchase I reevaluate.

As you become more active with folks here (Customizing Pairs) you will find yourself doing business with folks over and over, especially things like frame enhancements and custom lens cutting.

But no member should be asking for a payment in F&F
Thats only a decision you can make.


The Big Shield King
The rules are there.

If you stick to it, that's fine. If someone loses a sale because of it, that's their loss.