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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by QUAKEnSHAKE, 6/2/11.



    Yesterday planned to find Pit Bulls that fit and finally did after visiting three Sunglass Huts and trying on 8 of them. One thing I noticed on a few of these (at least one at each store) was the right stem was a bit loose with slight up/down movement. The ones I bought the movement not there. I bought Pit Bull - Black with Black Iridium Polarized lens. They fit quite well with just a very slight snugness. This should be helpful in the heat/humidity to prevent slipping, will see. They give complete coverage up over my brows and nice seal on corners at least an inch from my eyes which is good so no light gets in. I have a thin nose but yet the nose-pads touched fine. There is just a sight opening inside corners where nose meet cheeks.
    These will serve a dual purpose everyday use and for fishing 3-4 times a week. I went fishing this morning and they performed as I though they would GREAT! I was out for four hours and never once did they slip or even move a millimeter, they just stayed put. The polarization worked as it should. I was spotting fish seeing submerged tree limbs and underwater weed growth very well. The first fish I caught, not a big one, was about 40 feet away under a fallen tree limb. I spotted the fish tossed the lure right to it and saw the fish turn grab the lure and FISH ON! What impressed me even more, as you see in the picture with the fish, it was an overcast day and these B.I.P. lens get dark but still allowed great visual under the water. It will be “OFF THE HOOK” on a sunny day with this lakes clear water and PIT BULL sunglasses.
    Here are a few pics and a pic next to my Wardens

    PIT BULL - 397065956.jpg

    PIT BULL - 397065958.jpg

    PIT BULL - 397065959.jpg

    PIT BULL - 397065960.jpg

    PIT BULL - 397065957.jpg

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. the piper

    the piper

    Wow for a 5'10 165 lb guy I must have a mini head...Md's fit snug but these things were falling off me I found a huge difference in the fit...wish O would keep both...they told me today the Minute line as well as MD is permanently over...while at the same time admitting besides the Half Jacket,Fives and SJ ,smaller headed guys dont have much left and have been complaining...even many teams have turned to Nike and that from a sales rep...wish the PB's had worked for me ....really do Glad i stocked up on Minutes, Gascan s, Md, Mp and Sj's when I did..(over 100 pair altogether)

  3. yoshi1984


    first, i want to say that's a nice size fish you caught there! congrat's.

    as for the PB'S, yes those are very big, even from the pictures they look quite a bit wider than the MD's which i still prefer style wise, and they do fit me well.
    They look nice though! awesome purchase.

  4. yoshi1984


    your about the same height/weight as me and you convinced me not to buy these since they probably wouldn't look good on me.
    I still want a pair of batwolf's though. Of the smaller frames you mentioned, the MD's and the MP's fit me really well. The SJ's (2007), are nice to. Ick, nike glasses. I'd rather wear nothign at all lol. Pretty funny seeing Tiger Woods in nike sunglasses this year. Im going to miss the MD's. Those are really nice frames.



    I thought just the opposite. Only like this Pit Bull and TENs fit me all others Im thinking wish my noggin was smaller you guys get all the choices. :)

  6. the piper

    the piper

    wow Antix/Hihinx/Jawbone/Batwplf/fuel cell are huge on me I look like Bono 20 years ago(lke a bug/fly) and they are not secure..oil rigs fit not so bad



    Just a little update. After having been out a few times in more hot humid condition 90+ high humidity and sweating quite a lot even with sunscreen on these Pit Bulls hold very very well no slippage at all very pleased with them.

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