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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by Jimbabwe, 3/10/16.

  1. Jimbabwe

    Jimbabwe Premium Member

    Pitboss 1 finally! - image.jpg After much deliberation, after I recieved my tax return ; it was time. In the picture you see a lone pitboss 2 with no original, but no longer! Bought a pair of Rootbeer pitboss and I'm super excited to finally fill that empty stand! Just got to wait on shipping

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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats..... I hope. :)

  3. BHarry


    Congrats on the PB1! The rootbeer colorway is very cool and one I'd love to have someday.:drinks:

  4. Jimbabwe

    Jimbabwe Premium Member

    Yeah with my luck with the ott I ordered a while back ... Still so upset about that

  5. OakleyGuru379


    Awesome to finally get the original!
    QLR1 and STavros like this.

  6. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    Great collection. Looking for a pair of original Pit Boss myself. Let me know if you find another pair.

  7. cyclerdoug

    cyclerdoug Premium Member

    Great grab, I leave spaces too, to give myself that kick in the ass to fill them!

  8. QLR1

    QLR1 Premium Member

    congrats! I can hardly wait for the updated photo!
    Jimbabwe likes this.

  9. pjd1234


    Congrats bro

  10. mercat


    PB1 wont disappoint you I'm sure..congratz and good luck..

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