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Post Pictures Of The Eyepatch 1 Please?


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
Can anyone here who own's the Eyepatch 1 please post pictures to show how it fits on the face?

Also random pictures of the sunglasses are ok too.

Does anyone here know the colors they came available in? Including Polarized?

I'm just curious, its hard to find pictures of people actually wearing them. I hear they are very large though and that's what I'm hoping they are.

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The Boss
Staff member
Here are the color combos and some generic Oakley pictures for you:

Bottle Green/Dark Grey [03-573]
Brown Smoke/Dark Bronze [03-571]
Brown Sugar/VR50-Brown Gradient [03-574]
Brown Tortoise/Bronze [03-578]
Green Print/Grey [12-773]
Grey Smoke/Grey [03-579]
Matte Black/Black Iridium Polarized [12-899]
Matte Black/Grey Polarized [12-932]
Polished Black/Ice Iridium [24-096]
Polished Black/Warm Grey [03-570]
Polished Black (Grab Bag)/Warm Grey [12-765]
Polished Black Limited/Warm Grey [03-570L1]
Polished Black/Orange/Warm Grey [12-746]*
Polished Rootbeer/Bronze Polarized [12-937]
Polished White (Grab Bag)/Black Iridium [12-765]*
White/Black Iridium [03-572]

Some Generic Oakley Pics:

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Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
3rd one down, Is that Grey Smoke? (Anyone has any they want to depart with let me know) Those look awesome! Even the Brown smoke. I like it!

Thanks for the pictures and list of what was available. Why are they so difficult to find now?

Anyone else have any real time pictures of these glasses? Such as how they look on the face?

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