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Prescription Sunglasses Advice please!


Oakley Beginner
Hello all,

I previously had a pair of Oakley Conductor 8's with Rx lenses which have been excellent for 6 years.

Unfortunately my prescription has changed to
      SPH   CYL  AXIS
R   -3.50 -1.00 15.0
L   -4.75 -1.00 165.0

I'm having trouble finding a similar frame that I can get with this prescription. I live in London, UK and can only find chain opticians that don't sell Oakley lenses with the sunglasses which is frustrating.

Can you help me find a similar frame or somewhere that can supply new lenses for the old one?

Many Thanks!
The new whiskers are very similar to the conductor 8 frames, if that doesn’t work maybe switching to a 6-base frame like the ejector would work. Good luck.
Thanks for your advice! I do like the look of the whiskers. Unfortunately the Oakley website won't sell me either the whiskers or the ejectors with my prescription. It seems odd because the total prescription is less than -6 which is what I thought the maximum was?