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  1. Buddha Yodie

    Buddha Yodie Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    My best mate stew, his always liked my Oakley collection. His wanted a pair for years but never bought one. he bought a cheap pair (not Oakley) last year but they gave him headaches. showed him the Oakley lab test videos on YouTube. his been on the hunt and found the styles Holbrook and Frogskin as his favourites. his just waiting for me to score a pair of each of these so he can test fit and then choose colour options. I like his style :eek:)
    A female friend donna. she loves my Oakley’s too. so talked her into a pair. was shopping with her last night and she lightened her purse :eek:), with a sweet pair of Oakley Discreet in purple
    excuse the link. will have a picture or two when she receives them in the post. http://www.sparepartslife.com/lookbook/viewer/2,12?page=13
    gave my brother a pair of Oakleys many many years ago. A pair of minutes. he maybe getting himself a second pair soon. probably from me for his birthday,
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  2. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    I finally got my girlfriend to find a pair that she likes at the o-store and bought them for her. Converting people to the oakley side! :dance2: