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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by ausoakley, 10/8/11.

  1. ausoakley


    hey guys,

    just wanted to see if anyone could help me out regarding frames sizes and styles etc. in the past i have owned a few pairs of oakleys that didnt sit quite right on my face, for example

    oakley scalpel
    oakley sideways
    oakley holbrook

    and have also tried on a few that sit in the same category such as
    oakley fuel cell
    oakley jury

    my question is, how can it be that the oakley scalpel is measured smaller in lense size and frame width in comparison to the batwolf which i own (as per the zappos website and youtube video information) but when i try it on it seems to sit wider on my face. i also like the oakley fuel cell because its quite similar to the batwolf but i have the same trouble as stated with the scalpel.

    if it helps, i should mention that i am female about 160cm 55kg, but i prefer the mens line of sunglases as they offer more styles and various colour ways and plenty of custom options online :biggrin:

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. JDubs


    Gascan instead of fuelcell

    Fives these are pretty small

    Jupiter instead of Holbrook

  3. canhoto


    I think the Fuel Cell is wider than the Batwolf. As for the Scalpel, it may be the level of detail of the frame that atracts you to look at it and think that it is wider than the Batwolf.

  4. ausoakley


    i had the fives but didnt like how small the lenses were,otherwise a good pair of glasses and waiting for the jupiter squared to come out but im kinda liking the ducati jupiters aswell, ive just been reading alot of reviews saying that sun can come in from behind you as the frame doesnt completely wrap

  5. ausoakley


    before trying on the batwolf i would have thought that they would be wider than the scalpel but i was looking at a youtube video on zappos channel and it says the dimensions (not sure how accurate they are) but i was just curious as i have like i said owned the scalpel but when wearing them they fit noticeably wider than the batwolf. its a pity, the scalpel is such a nice looking frame

  6. canhoto


    I only held the Scalpel a couple of times so I can't speak for sure. However, the problem may reside in the curvature of the stems. Looking at the photos on Oakley's site, it looks like to me that the Scalpel's stems are a bit more rounded (hence, wider) than the Batwolf.

  7. snumfalzumpa


    yeah i've heard the batwolfs are smaller than they look.... also fuel cells are definitely wider than gas cans....

  8. Herbsley


    Gascans, Fuel Cell, Batwolf, and Jury have quite straight earstems so have a square profile when looking down at an opened pair placed on a table.

    The Scalpel has curved stems, so looks rounded when looked at in the same way. Also the Scalpel design has lenses that don't wrap very far - It's more the frame that wraps on that one.

    Maybe try Oil Rig, Oil Drum, Antix, Hijinx?

  9. yoshi1984


    This is for Mr. H, but Woman + Hijinx = Very Sexy. :D

    i don't think i've ever seen a woman in an oil rig, don't know why...it would be nice though.

  10. yoshi1984


    Ausoakley, have you looked into metal/wire frames? (if your into those), crosshair 2.0's would be nice.
    Jupiter/jupiter squared's ?

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