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Razor Blades earpiece kit heritage collection


Oakley Beginner
Dear All, after checking with Costumer Care Oakley service... now I am trying here to get a replacement for my broken Razor Blades earpiece. Anyone could help me to find it? I am open to a complete earpiece kit (right and left trigger arms) with same color or with white color. Thank you very much!



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Heritage models didn't come with replacement earpiece kits, so finding a replacement set will be slim to none... Try searching on the forum (I have no 1st hand knowledge doing this that's why I suggest searching first) if anyone has used vintage earpiece stems on the heritage models, as that'd likely be the closest you'll find for replacements. eBay has some singles listed HERE, you could pick one up to see if it fits before you splurge on some pricier replacements

Or keep those for spare parts and pick up another pair. @Chattabox23 might still have the pair he was selling which are identical to yours.

P.S. This is the wrong section for this question - it should've been posted in oakleyforum.com/forums/oakley-sunglasses-discussion.12/ this section is for sharing ones collection/display setups
@BoostBear: Thank you for your reply and info.
I am so sorry to post in the wrong section... what can I do to change the section?

@Chattabox23: I will be interested, could you sent me link to your sale post or just a PM? Thanks.