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Re-Release: Neon Yellow

**** YES! I know everyone will hate me but this is amazing! This is the one Frog I've always wanted but didn't want to pay the absurd $400+ dollars.

Wait, are you sure they are being re-released? This is all I see on his page:

RT @jamdav46: are there plans to te release neon yellow frogskins //

we have cool 'back to basics' SKUs but no plans on neon yellow in 2011
well i guess they will release them....but they already released them before, thats why i used re-release
But he said on twitter,

"we have cool 'back to basics' SKUs but no plans on neon yellow in 2011"

am I reading it wrong? Maybe next year?
i'm as confused as you guys..he said no plans for the neon yellows? so my understanding is that they Won't be released. unless my English is failing me?
As far as I can tell it means they don't have plans to re-release them. Doesn't mean they won't though. If everyone tweets him back to tell him to re-release, maybe we can get a campaign going to get them re-released?

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