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At least they are actually putting glasses on people for some of the pictures now. Instead of just over caricatured renders or photos you can actually get a better idea colors and fit.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 152214.png
well we all know, that Oakley's renders are not the best...typically the glasses look better in reality. On the Sphaera though...honestly on the face they look as bad as on the renders. The design says absolutely nothing to me. It just looks bad I am afraid...
I tried these on today, the fit was really good! I’m just not sure what this frame accomplishes, it reminds me a LOT of a radar ev?
Well, M-Experiment is in competion with Oakley on plastic production. Although the designs are okay, it's still more plastic. Bored with all the plastic these days.
I hear ya. M-experiment is in its infancy. I think the future holds some great stuff. Time will tell. I still believe it's the better value at this point. Hard to argue with the prices though. Alas, they arent x-metals if that's what you mean. 😕