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For Sale Splice Matte Black/Crystal, Batwolf Polarized, Holbrook White Jade, Fuel Cell USA flag, Holeshot Watch

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Letting go of some of my collection due to school loans 💸 all prices are G&S shipped all in. All prices are OBO So please feel free to shoot me an offer if you feel I’m way off on price. Only trade I would consider is if you are local to me (East TN) and would be interested in a bundle deal for a nice TV 55 inches or larger. I have more detailed pics of anything posted, just message me for more!

Splice Matte Black/Crystal Black- These are in bearer condition. I’m sure someone can bring these back to life. Lenses are beat. Rust in some of the screws. I’ve had these for a long time, found locally. Never ended up doing anything with them. $100? Shoot me offers on these, I have no use for them.

Batwolf Matte Black Ink with Black Polarized lenses- New in box. Only displayed so might have minor shelf wear. $SOLD

Holbrook Matte White with Jade Polarized lenses- New, just displayed so minor if any shelf wear. Love these but my face will only fit the XL models :confused: $SOLD

Fuel Cell USA flag- I believe these are SI models? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. These are in great used condition. 2 nicks on the left lens as pictured. $70

Holeshot- in good used condition. Does have marks from wear. With a good cleaning it would look great and ready to wear. I have 3 more holeshots and a few other watches I’m just needing to put batteries in before I list them if you wan to message me and see what I have. $300

Again don’t be afraid to send me your offers. Thanks for looking!










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Tried to PM on the Splice but your inbox is full
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Tried to PM on the Splice but your inbox is full

Cleared 👌🏽
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